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Aftermath is based on a Liz Danforth drawing which I purchased from her. I sent Liz a copy and she published this response:
“… But Quog’s work is magnificently transcendant of that, and everything he has done has been done with the utmost respect, personally and professionally. In turn, let me point you to his T&T fansite (newly revised, I hear) at Southern Realms. It seems, literally, the least I can offer in return.” Liz Danforth
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Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls

Danforth art in the 3rd dimension

On the left is Liz Danforth’s ink drawing “Aftermath”, a small piece of filler art done for the French edition of the game.
This picture inspired the artist Quoghmyre (“the Southern Most Troll,” hailing from New Zealand) to create a fully- realized 3D modeled image in full-color seen on the right.
Liz said “It’s as if he saw through my eyes the real thing I sketched with simple lines. I could not have been more awed and impressed with his artistry and skill.
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