Early Works

I continued painting pop poster art posters after I left high-school, and then began painting large format oils.
I was tutored in watercolour by a renowned Palmerston North painter. I struggled with the freedom and spontaneity of watercolour, but continued for several years. I also worked with pastel.
These early works are now gone.

Digital Painting

With a large family living in a small house, finding space for art projects was an ongoing challenge. After purchasing a new computer I decided to focus on painting in the computer.
I started with a Windows 3 and Corel Paint. After constant crashing and the loss of hours of work I moved to an iMac and Adobe PhotoShop.
In the mid 90s it was a struggle to get a computer with enough power or memory to allow me to paint and print the larger works I was used to painting. The first high quality print run resulted in images the size of postage stamps.
I learnt to paint with a mouse, to watch a screen and not the canvas. I now also use a graphics tablet.
I currently paint with ArtRage and use Pixelmator for day to day graphics work.


I have had 3 exhibitions of my drawings and digital paintings. One in Blackball and two at the Hokitika Art Gallery.
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Slide Shows

Digital Art 1996 - 2000 is a 7 ½ minute video of my progress with early digital works.
I am often asked how I do my paintings, so I created this short time-lapse video demonstrating my technique. 49 seconds.