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I had three major objectives with this work. I wanted it to have an emotional connection, a neo-classical realism and to include moving water.

This was painted using ArtRage with both graphics tablet and mouse. The person I gifted it to still has difficulty thinking of the canvas as a painting.
I ran into a few problems with this work. The greys in the sky did not mix well. This is a problem is the result of colour mixing in RBG colour space (click here to read more).
I spent a lot of time on the ocean, I wanted it to feel like paint. I finally used a stencil to get the highlights right.
The final issue was with the printing. Current printers are great but they don't cope with the subtleties of the dark greys of the ocean. The problems with the banding in the greys of the sky is not noticeable in the prints.
I'm still very pleased with the printed results.