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The Vision

One afternoon I was walking back from the cow-shed. The rain had just stopped: the greens and the light just popped. West Coast pop.
At another time I had caught the sun creating a filigree of lace from the forest line between the ridge and sky.
The clematis adorned our cypress, and the new roof on our house was waiting for paint.

I consider this piece my digital painting journeyman work.


After delivering the milk home, I grabbed my sketch pad and camera. I was still shooting on film at that point.
After completing my sketch I took two photos at different focal lengths for reference.
I had been doing a lot of work with Photoshop's built in textures and had mastered the layering process.
During painting I decided on two major changes from the live scene. The leaves on our oak tree normally appeared a couple of weeks later. Without them it looked very spindly and dark, so I added them in. I also removed the budding branches across the upper foreground, which added far too much movement and obscured our cypress and beech.

Future Hope

It was not technically possible for me to print this at the intended size at the time I painted it. I had to wait five years before giclee printing became readily available in New Zealand.

Home was used as the cover illustration on Gleanings.
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Finished Print

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