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The Vision

I have been looking for a vector drawing app for a long time, I used Freehand in the old days, and while I never did much with it, I had a good working knowledge of it. With Adobe going to a subscription model, I hoped one of the many apps on the App Store might fit the bill.
iDraw is a nice program and after some research I purchased it. It is very easy to learn and I was creating curves in no time. I liked the pen tool a lot and did a few drawings with this. The focus was on line layout, editing and line weight.

I then got the idea for this piece, I had been pondering about a group of adventures for sometime, and this sprung into my mind. I began work on it.

Execution - 1,273 Objects

Little was I to know that 4 days later I would be still laying lines and tweaking line weights. This type of line drawing is slow, very slow. Every line must be placed point by point, then every point positioned and its curves brought into line. Finally the line pen applied with its weight and angle set.
Each of the blue squares in the screen snap is a point, in some areas they are so tightly packed the seem to merge. This pushed my RAM to the limit at the times and near the end undo wasn't working. I like iDraw and will continue to recommend it for most vector work, but it is not a drawing tool for this type of art. I am now exploring Manga Studio 5.
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