Learning to Draw

Growing up I never considered that I could draw. My internal battle between the visual and the symbolic resulted in strange and twisted images. In the late '90s I had a short spell away from computers and during this time I learnt to draw. I found a copy of Drawing on the Right side of the Brain by Betty Edwards at the local library and worked my way through it. I had been aware of most of the concepts, but never put them together and practised. I purchased Edwards' later book, Drawing on the Artist Within.

There are those who are gifted with drawing, I'm not one, but I now feel confident that I can draw and sketch when I need to. Using the same technics and principles I can now do a passable drawing directly into the computer.

I'm proficient with vector drawing using bezier curves. In the 80s I was commissioned to create two fonts. One in an artistic style, the other a Legal Gothic. This involved extensive vector drawing. I’m now proficient at vector drawing, especially in 3D space.
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