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Many years ago Chris did some fantastic Celtic Knots and I really loved this "B". We scanned it into the old PC and spent many hours using it as a base for colouring. It was included in a Christmas print we sent family members that year. Last week (July 2013) I went looking for those old scans for Chris and found Mr B.

When we first scanned this file its size and pixels were only just within the tolerance of my old PC. Each file open, each edit, was on the edge its limits and I risked loosing it all. And often I did with those early digital paintings.

The files were saved in a .cpt format and I thought them lost forever. I was surprised to find they had found there way onto my current computer. 15 years, a change from PC to Mac, and 6 different computers is a very long journey for a computer file. I had no Corel to open them but I started dragging them onto the Apps I do have and I was amazed that C4D opened them. This allowed me to save them into a modern format. Not all the files, that was expecting too much, but the scans and some old art.

We have the original scan file and some of my very early digital colouring.
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