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Print Policy

We reprint our Finalised art throughout the year. Each work is only available for 1 year and has the year printed within the art. The 2018 Thank You print is different from the previous year’s print.
Customised and Bespoke
Each Customised or Bespoke work has only 1 signed, unnumbered “Master Print” (MP).
We also make available a limited set of numbered, signed, reprints. Once the last print is sold there will be no additional prints made. Art in the History Section is no longer available for sale, but may give you ideas for your own Bespoke creation.


Signed Prints of Customised and Bespoke.
Medium 15.3 cm x 20.4 cm, (6” x 8”)
Large 20.4 cm x 25.4 cm, (8” x 10”)

Medium 15.3 cm x 20.4 cm, (6” x 8”)
Large 20.4 cm x 25.4 cm,( 8” x 10”)

Bespoke : 20.4 cm x 25.4 cm, (8” x 10”)

Finalised Prints and Reprints will be sent by mail unless you request courier. Postage is included in the price.

Customised and Bespoke Master Prints can be couriered within Australia. International shipping will be on a case by case basis.