Unique Works

Bespoke works are designed for a specific person. As well as a name/title, we will include texts, references, and symbols of significant elements from the subject’s life and work as well as appropriate elements drawn from 8th and 9th century illuminations and the rich tapestry of spirals, figures, and interlaced knots that form the basis of Celtic artistic tradition.

Bespoke works are based on the discussion we have with you about the subject and what will be incorporated in the work. After the initial planning, there will be many hours of drawing involved in the development of the piece before it is ready for painting.


Each Bespoke work is quoted individually, we required a 30% deposit and the balance to be paid once the black and white cartoon has been approved for painting. We charge for additional changes and edits.

Finalised Prints and Reprints will be sent by mail unless you request courier. Postage is included in the price.

Print Policy

We reprint our Finalised art throughout the year. Each work is only available for 1 year and has the year printed within the art. The 2018 Thank You print is different from the previous year’s print.
Customised and Bespoke
Each Customised or Bespoke work has only 1 signed, unnumbered “Master Print” (MP).
We also make available a limited set of numbered, signed, reprints. Once the last print is sold there will be no additional prints made. Art in the History Section is no longer available for sale, but may give you ideas for your own Bespoke creation.


Signed Prints of Customised and Bespoke.
Medium 15.3 cm x 20.4 cm, (6” x 8”)
Large 20.4 cm x 25.4 cm, (8” x 10”)

Medium 15.3 cm x 20.4 cm, (6” x 8”)
Large 20.4 cm x 25.4 cm,( 8” x 10”)

Bespoke : 20.4 cm x 25.4 cm, (8” x 10”)

Finalised Prints and Reprints will be sent by mail unless you request courier. Postage is included in the price.

Customised and Bespoke Master Prints can be couriered within Australia. International shipping will be on a case by case basis.

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Bishop Victoria

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This took a long time to finish. Chris slowly pieced together ideas and icons that made this a very personal and loving work. I was very proud when we were able to frame this and send it away. Many of the lessons from our Christmas set went into the painting of this. I really enjoyed introducing the designs for the kowhai, southern cross and map. Collaborating with Chris on these results in an extensive debriefing after each project, and while this can overwhelm us, it also results in amazing advances as we will see in the sister work “Victoria”

Chrismas 2017

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Rick and Steph

Our trip to Melbourne for Christmas and New Year, and being short of cash. We worked hard to build on our special skills in these art works. We added native animals and the Finnish good luck cross.
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Having push the size too large with Mark and Angie’s print we decided to move to a smaller print format. This meant we could also forgo expansive framing and make them more “mundane” as fridge ornaments. I’m very please with some of subtle colouring in the painting of “Liz”
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Kirsi and Paul

We had the wonderful pleasure of spending time with Steph’s family. And these where the first works where we needed to utilise the advantage of going digital. Not having all our tools in Melbourne we constructed and painted these from exisiting only pieces. I like how this created a matching set.
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Many of the elements on this piece came from scans of hand drawn previous works. As I vectorised these scans I tried to keep true to this hand drawn feel. Chris has subsequently fixed many of these pieces to make them a little more tidy. I then really pushed the Artrage paint texturing, and this was the reason we decided to print it at the larger size.

Lessons Learnt

We put a lot of work into this piece and there was so much detail in the paint (400dpi) that we decided to print it at a larger size (64cm x 46cm). It printed fine but looked a bit sparse at the printed size.
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Initially Chris designed, inked and coloured her carpet pages by hand. These hand created works are treasured gifts of love. (She still does hand painted work on commission)
Chris created this hand crafted work for me. I love it so much it was easy for me to choose it as my first major digital reproduction. I used this work to develop the ideas and techniques we now use.